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Free Article Submission Sites List 2022 | High PR Article Sharing Websites

All About Article Submission Sites

Content is the king for every business and brand. A well-curated content about your product, services, and brand is enough to capture the attention of internet users. The same goes for businesses. Content is the best way to reach your targeted customers. Content can be in form of blogs, articles, infographics, and videos. 

Article submission has an important role to play in Off-Page Optimization. Article sharing sites are the most favored off-page SEO technique to create high-quality backlinks effectively. 

Publishing an article will on article submission websites helps in promoting your brand, product, and services. The submission will increase the search engine rankings and traffic on the website.

In this blog, we will discuss the article submission sites – how to writer an article, which article submission sites are best, and the list of free article sharing sites.  

What are Article Submission Sites?

Article submission is the oldest and most effective off-page SEO activity to publish your article on third-party well recognized websites to build high-quality backlinks and get traffic to your website. DoFollow article sharing websites will impact positively on your website’s domain authority. 

Article submission is an integral part of content creation and marketing to promote and spread the word about your business on some worthy article directories. 

What Types Of Links Article Submission Websites Provide?

Before submitting an article, you should know about the type of link article-sharing websites offer. Article directories in SEO provide two different kinds of backlinks – DoFollow and NoFollow. Some websites offer DoFollow backlinks and some offer NoFollow backlinks.

Backlinking is a process that connects different websites through links. Internet marketers can take the advantage of this by getting some high-quality DoFollow backlinks to your website. 

DoFollow Backlinks

DoFollow backlink is a link that permits the user or search engine to access the URL of another website. Clicking on the link will redirect you to another website. But if we talk from the SEO perspective, the link juice would be given to the redirected website from the article submission website on which the link is placed. Dofollow article submission websites increase the DA and PA of your websites. 

Nofollow Backlinks

Nofollow backlinks just provide a hint about your website, but search engines do not give the link juice to your website. These article-sharing websites don’t play a direct role to improve your DA and PA but they also increase the traffic to your website.  

Most online marketers prefer to use high-quality do-follow link article websites to get the best result with article submission, me included. Including some relevant keywords will also improve your article ranking on search engine ranking pages. 

Why Article Sharing Sites Are Important For Businesses?

Businesses use several techniques to increase brand popularity and website traffic organically. The article submission websites are the way to build high-quality backlinks. The article sharing sites come under the white hat off-page SEO. You can easily write original content and then submit them to third-party article submission websites. Here are some reasons to submit your article on these third-party article submission websites –

Get Quality Traffic

Article sharing websites’ bio boxes and your content help you to boost the website traffic. When the written article gets approval, your website will get high-quality backlinks and traffic. To boost the viewers from the particular post, you can share the article link on social media. 

Generate Leads

Whenever someone lands on the website from the article sharing sites means the visitor is interested in the products and services. So, they will be a high chance of getting conversions. 

Build Brand Awareness

Whenever you submit an article on free article submission websites, there is a huge audience base who read the posted article to get informed about your products and services. Additionally, it improves the domain authority of your website. 

Increase Backlinks

High-quality backlinks are a necessity for any website to appear in search results. Article submission sites are the best white hat techniques to build high-quality backlinks for the website. These submission sites are free sources of highly authorize backlinks. Though, there are some paid article submission websites as well. Initially, you can start with free article sharing sites to try. 

Increase Domain Authority

Whenever you post an article on third-party websites, they will give an external link to your website that will help you in improving the domain authority of the website.

Free Online Marketing

Most article submission sites give a link back to the website and redirect the article readers to your website. This is a free source for promoting your brand, products, and services across the internet and it also helps you to get authoritative backlinks to your web page. 

Who Can Write An Article?

Anyone can become a writer by following the article submission websites’ guidelines with good writing skills. You can also hire a content writer for article writing. Ensure that the written article is SEO friendly. It is always better to write content manually instead of using tools or applications. Content spinning comes under the black hat SEO technique, so write manually. 

Which Types Of Article Submission Sites To Submit Articles?

  • Article submission site with good traffic
  • Article submission site with high Domain Authority 
  • Article submission site with a dofollow backlink
  • Article submission site that indexed faster

Golden Rules Of Article Writing

Unique Content – Article content should be engaging, plagiarism-free, original, and manually written. 

Content-Length – The length of the article content is different for different websites, but mostly the content length is 500 to 800 words.

Grammatical Error – The article content should be grammatically correct without any spelling mistakes. Try to use active voice sentences.  

Keywords Density – The keyword density in the article should be 2 – 3%. If keywords are repeated more than 3% then try to focus on some LSI keywords. 

Things To Remember Before Article Submission

Thousands of articles sharing sites are available on the internet and every article posting site is different from others. To get the best results from articles, consider the following things –

  • Choose high domain authority article sharing sites.
  • Avoid article posting websites with high spam scores.
  • Ensure that the website is indexed on search engines.
  • Analyze the article submission website. Find an article website with high traffic. 
  • Don’t get maximum backlinks from one article sharing website. 
  • Always opt for the relevant niche. 

Guidelines For Free Article Submission Websites

There are so many article submission sites available on the web but the guidelines for writing an article are different for every website. Here are some basic article submission guidelines for major article sharing websites –


Ensure the title is unique, informative, and attention-grabbing. The title itself describes what would be the content of the article. The length of the title should not exceed 65 characters.


Most article submission websites will ask for a summary of the article. A summary is a short description that concludes all the information of the article in just 150-300 characters. 


Keywords are the most important thing when you write an article, blog, or any other content to increase your content reach. Use proper keywords that are high in volume and moderately competitive to rank higher in search results. You can add keywords in the tag and keywords section. 

Content or Article Body

The article body is a section where the primary content is submitted including text and media. Ensure that the content is unique and informative to get approved form the moderator. Moderators usually check for plagiarism and other content-related guidelines mentioned on article submission sites. 

Add A Signature

Some article sharing websites ask for a signature or about us about your business. So, fill that information correctly. 

High PR Article Submission Sites List 2022

Get high-quality backlinks with this high-quality off-page SEO technique. Submitting articles on these third-party websites will increase the potential search traffic, generate more leads and improve the brand’s credibility. Here is the list of top article submission sites to submit articles.  


The sole objective of article submission is to get high-quality backlinks for the website and get more traffic without investing so much money. So, it is necessary to submit your content on a relevant article sharing website.

I hope that this blog post will help you to learn about article submission and get some backlinks from the above-mentioned websites. There is N number of article submission websites, check the DA PA of article sharing websites before posting the content. If you looking for the best off-page SEO strategy, contact Anurav.Digital for all kinds of SEO activity.

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